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Precious metal recovery and reclamation.
Precious metal recovery and reclamation.

Precious Metal Recovery
Precious Metal RecoveryCDS Environmental Services, a division of CDS , was created in 1992 to reclaim gold from circuit boards and Cyanide solutions containing gold and silver . We handle Cyanide baths, rinses, drag outs, and stripping solutions.

CDS Environmental is also the place for refining of your additional precious metals including filters, resins, sweeps, metallics and platinum group metals.

Our specialized precious metal recovery process for Cyanide solutions and gold plated scrap enables us to process electronic circuit boards on site and attain a level of 100% recycled. With Cyanide stripping you get a faster return and a more accurate assay.

From high volume silver baths to small stripping lots, we have the capabilities to process and recover your precious metal assets

Beyond reclaim services, CDS provides complete destruction of all hazardous by product cyanide residues using our own on site Thermal Hydrolysis systems, manufactured exclusively by Cyanide Destruct Systems.

Service, Environmental stewardship, and Security, the foundations from which we build trusting relationships.

Sampling and assay services available.
Timely, accurate settlements and maximum returns for your precious metals include...
Gold and Silver solutions: spent baths, dragouts, rinses and stripping solutions.
In-house systems or off-site services.
Recovering precious metals from circuit boards.
Circuit board recovery by cyanide stripping.
Platinum group metal solutions.
Sludges, solids and resins.
Circuit boards are completely recycled.
All process residues are treated on site.
Fully insured and secure.
Witnessing and representation available.
Site remediation services.
Full Service and innovative Process Flow
Precious metal recovery services include transportation arrangements, fast approvals and competitive quotations.

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