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Frequently Asked Questions
Please remember that each CDS system is custom-engineered to meet the unique requirements of a particular customer so the answers provided may not entirely address your specific situation. If you find that your question has not been asked or answered, please feel free to contact one of our representatives for more information.
Q How is cyanide waste treated at your facility?
A Chemically speaking it looks like this CN + 2H20 -> NH3 + HCOO.... in laymen's terms we destroy cyanide using Thermal Hydrolysis. This simple and naturally occurring chemical reaction is accelerated dramatically in the CDS process by using elevated temperature and pressure. This chemical and chlorine free process guarantees complete destruction of all cyanide complexes, even iron.
Q Is there any type of Cyanide complex that cannot be treated?
A At CDS, we have yet to encounter a Cyanide complex that could not be treated with our technology and Cyanide systems. We have been successful with all Cyanide complexes - including iron Cyanide.
Q Does Cyanide waste require chemical treatment of any kind?
A The only chemical treatment necessary occurs in rare cases of an acidic Cyanide solution, In this situation it requires a pH adjustment to above 7.
Q Without using chemicals, how do you treat Cyanide waste?
A CDS leverages a naturally occurring reaction between water and Cyanide. We substantially accelerate this normally slow process using elevated pressures and temperatures.
Q What are the treatment by-products?
A Our Cyanide treatment systems break down the Cyanide into ammonia and a formate salt. In doing this, no harmful by-products are generated.
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