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Interesting Facts About Cyanide
A naturally occurring and widely misunderstood chemical. Cyanide has received a bad rap over the years. The truth is without it our daily lives would not be the same.
It is one of the most common chemicals in the world.
It has a reputation that is worse than the toxicity of the chemical itself, perhaps due to infamy gained from B-movies of decades ago.
It is used is more industries that can be mentioned here, including: pharmaceuticals, paper, a variety of plastics, gold mining, dyes (the dye in blue jeans, for example), electroplating, heat treating, etc., etc.
Common paints and adhesives contain cyanide.
Cigarette smoke contains cyanide.
Cyanide gas is the most toxic form of cyanide.
Cyanide gas outdoors is rapidly dispersed.
In it's normal high ph state, cyanide gas is not created and is quite safe to breathe and smell.
If you are exposed to cyanide gas or ingest cyanide, and you are able to talk about it later, you will have no long term or unknown health problems.
A lethal dose of cyanide is contained in 3.7 pounds of lima beans.
A lethal dose of water is 17 litres consumed very quickly.
A lethal dose of gasoline is the same as cyanide.
Cyanide is contained in 110 different plant families.
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