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Incorporated in 1986, CDS has been safely and effectively treating Cyanide waste throughout a number of countries through out the world. Using advanced thermal hydrolysis technology we manufacture and market our Cyanide treatment systems to reduce complex Cyanide waste solutions, including iron, to below government regulated levels without chemical addition or dilution.

Each Cyanide treatment system is designed to meet the specific needs of our customer and competing technologies, such as chlorine treatment, simply cannot match our results. Our Cyanide treatment system applications have been found in the plating, pharmaceutical, hi-tech and agricultural industries.

In 1992, CDS started CDS Environmental Services to accommodate Cyanide generators that required off-site disposal of Cyanide waste and to support the growing industrial need for environmentally sound precious metal refining services.

Security, compliance, environmental stewardship and excellent service are the cornerstones of our business.

About CDS

Cyanide Destruct Systems Inc. (CDS) is an environmental leader in providing cyanide disposal solutions throughout North America & the world. The cornerstone of our business is based upon personalized service to our customers. Solving our customer problems is, and will continue to be, the focus at all levels of our company.

The benefits of using Cyanide have always been tempered by the problems associated with the safe handling, treatment and disposing of Cyanide-contaminated waste. Whether it's a large or small company, industrial or commercial, there are hundreds of Cyanide applications of various sizes and each client has specific needs. We can service them all.

Cyanide Destruct Systems Inc. (CDS) offers a range of services, including Cyanide system design and manufacturing, precious metal recovery, Cyanide waste transportation, Cyanide treatment and disposal at our plant, which is the only dedicated Cyanide treatment facility in the world. By having CDS treat or destroy your Cyanide waste, we will also eliminate your concerns about environmental problems. We are so confident in our systems and processes that we provide you with a written guarantee for every system sold.

Our Mission Statement
As Cyanide Destruct Systems Inc. is a global environmental leader in providing Cyanide solutions, our mission is to solve our every customer's Cyanide treatment and disposal challenges and provide the personalized service that has helped us build the reputation we enjoy today.
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